To contact National Flight Services, please call 1 (800) 669-2704 or feel free to send an email to
the general mailbox via the provided form below.

Toledo, Ohio Offices

Name Position Phone Fax
Tom Wiles President 419-865-2311 419-866-8322
Larry Lowry Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer 419-865-2311 419-866-8322
Dave Stine Engine Customer Satisfaction and Sales 419-865-2311 419-866-1807
Monny Diakonis Airframe Customer Satisfaction and Sales 419-866-2283 419-866-8322
Larry Mates Operations Manager 419-866-2223 419-866-8322
Herb Harvey Program Manager of Helicopter Services
Program Manager of Jet Services
419-866-2201 419-866-8322
Rob Freeman Component Services Manager 419-866-2235 419-867-4223
  FBO Manager 419-866-2995 419-866-2999
Bill Greisiger Director of Finance 419-865-2311 419-866-8322
Bev Sanders Director of Human Resources 419-865-2311 419-866-8322
Jeff Cousin Director of Quality 419-865-2311 419-866-8322
Mike Converse Director of Sales and Marketing 419-866-2229 419-866-8322
Dave MacKay Director of Information Technology 419-865-2311 419-866-8322

New Braunfels, Texas Office

Name Position Phone Fax
Mark Sonsel Turbine Shop Facility Manager 830-625-2227 830-625-2393

24 Hour AOG Needs - 1 (800) 669-2704

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